iPad 4 Tell Tale Signs Revealed By iPhone 5

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The new iPhone 5 comes with some very impressive tech. This includes the latest A6 processor from Apple, in-cell technology and a new dock connector. The folks over at CultOfMac report that there is little doubt that some of this tech will be used in the 4thgeneration iPad, which is thought to be heading our way around March 2013. So what does the iPhone 5 tell us about the iPad 4 exactly? COM drops some clues.

What iPhone 5 tells us about iPad 4 (predictions)

We already know that the A6 processor in the new iPhone 5 is very fast. It happens to be among the most powerful to be found inside any device. The new processor was hand designed and it boosts speed and is energy efficient. Thanks to it being built on 32 nanometer processes, it also increases battery life and possibly Apple will not be able to improve upon it for another couple of years.

The A6 processor is a 1.2GHz dual core Custom Cortex A15 CPU that comes with tri-core PowerVR SGX543MP3 graphics. If you look back to what Apple has done in the past then we can make some good guesses about the processor of the next iPad 4.

Generally the only difference between processors in the iPad and the new iPhone has been the clock speeds. In the iPhone 4 it was an A4 800MHz and in the iPad a 1GHz A4. The same happened with the iPad 2 with the A5 chip which was boosted to 200MHz. this changed with the 3rd gen iPad which got the A5X chop, which was almost the same as the A5, but with quad core graphics that had been ramped up. This was needed for the large display. It was also a bridge between the A5 and the A6 chip.

So will the new iPad 4 come with a faster A6 processor or will it have an A6X chip instead?

COM states that it is more than likely Apple will go for the A6X and this is down to the graphics. Apple may just use a quad core config of the SGX544MP3 in the new iPad 4, however it would mean that the graphics wouldn’t be boosted in the generation. More than likely Apple will use the PowerVR approach and choose either the SGX544 or even the SGX554 and this would need an A6X chip that was tweaked.

It is thought that the screen of the iPad 4 will not get taller, as the iPhone 5 screen did. 4:3 works on a tablet and there is no need for a change. However Apple may boost the display and improve it. They could change the way they make the display as the iPhone 5 makes use of in cell tech and this makes the display thinner. If Apple used the same tech on the next iPad, it would also result in the device being thinner. This would mean the lightest and thinnest iPad to ever have been designed.

Battery life could be improved if Apple uses the A6X chip and if they use the Sharp IGZO screen, which makes it easier for the light to get through the screen. In-cell technology would also mean more room for a larger battery. They could also give the new iPad a 3.8v battery, just as they have done with their latest iPhone 5.

The dock connector: Lightning will appear on the next generation of iPad 4 as it is here to stay.

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