iPhone 5 & Its 200 New Features!

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iOS 6, the latest update for Apple devices like the iPhone and iPad, is expected to roll out alongside the launch of the upcoming iPhone 5. As expected, the iPhone 5 will be the first device to come preloaded with it, giving it 200 new features that iOS 6 boasts.

While Apple hasn’t revealed all the 200 new features we can expect in the iPhone 5, they did give away some of the major ones:

iPhone 5 the iOS 6 features it will come with

A new map app which comes from Apple and is based on  TomTom. It provides users with traffic updates in real time and gives news of traffic jams and flyovers and more.

Siri has been updated and it now knows more languages and words including those related to sports, movies and restaurants.

Facebook has better integration and users only have to log in once now and photo sharing is easier.

iCloud provides easy to use shared photos with any of the contacts on your handset.

Passbook stores all your useful information such as store coupons, movie tickets and boarding passes. All you have to do is scan your iPhone 5.

FaceTime gets better as users are now able to use it over their cellular connection along with Wi-Fi.

Browsing is better thanks to Safari improvements. Users are now able to save webpages and bookmarks to iCloud and they access them at any time on any device.

There are many other features included in the new iOS update and it will make a lot of difference with how you use your iPhone. Let’s hope that the iPhone 5 isn’t too far along.

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