iPhone 5 Left With Bugs Despite iOS 6.0.1 Update

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Apple has released a new version of its iOS for their iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch in the form of iOS 6.0.1, however users are still suffering from problems with Wi-Fi reports ZDNet.

iPhone Wi-Fi bugs remain despite iOS 6.0.1 update

Apple released iOS 6 seven weeks ago and by now you would have thought that they would have had plenty of time to work out bugs. However there are people who are saying that Wi-Fi is still not accessible and it is greyed out, even after the update. The problem seems to be mainly with users of the iPhone 4S, however any device running the iOS could be at risk as I found out in my iPhone 5.

The official suggestion from Apple is to reboot the device. If this doesn’t work then you might want to get in touch with Apple or your carrier.

In iOS 6 the OS thinks that you want to connect to Wi-Fi to get onto the internet and all of the hotspots authenticate users through a web server. However this is not true. When users want to connect to Wi-Fi on iOS 6, the browser is started and it thinks that users need to log in and that they will do so through the web browser. If you press the home button to switch context away from the web browser before the handset contacts Apple, the OS will disconnect from Wi-Fi.

With hotspots, users connect to the Wi-Fi network and then activate a VPN connection that is secure for privacy. However on iOS 6 this is not possible. When moving away from the browser and entering Settings to start VPN, they are cut off from the Wi-Fi connection and therefore cannot make the VPN connection either.

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