iPhone 5 iOS 6 Untethered Jailbreak: Eyes Up Here Please

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Famed iOS hackers have released a website on which the latest untethered jailbreak will make an appearance when it is released.

iPhone 5 iOS 6 untethered jailbreak: all eyes on Evasi0n

The elite team of hackers are said to have been working on the OS for many months to release an untethered jailbreak so that owners of the Apple iPhone 5 and other devices running on iOS 6 can customise their devices and install apps that are not vetted by Apple.

All eyes are now on the website where the upcoming jailbreak will work on all iOS 6 and 6.1 devices including the Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and the Apple iPad Mini.

The jailbreaking team call themselves the Evad3rs and are made up of hackers @pod2g, David Wang, @PlanetBeing, Eric McDonald, @musclenerd and Nikias Bassen @pimskeks. The developers are on Twitter with the name of @Evad3rs and now have more than 77,000 followers in a short space of time.

Wang was on Twitter on Tuesday and said “In terms of release date, we’re aiming for approximately a week out, but it’s possible it will come sooner or later than that.”

There is a tethered jailbreak however this means that devices have to be connected to a computer if they are rebooted. This is not an ideal solution of course.

While jailbreaking handsets is legal in the US thanks to the exemption by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, Apple do discourage jailbreaking of their handsets and it does void the warranty. Apple has also said that they stepped up security surrounding iOS 6.

Wang and McDonald did say back in October hacking was becoming harder as vulnerabilities were becoming more difficult to find and these were needed to jailbreak the handset.

Wang said that the team had been making progress, however they were waiting for Apple to release iOS 6.1 before they revealed the jailbreak. Apple generally patches vulnerabilities in software. They said that if the jailbreak was released after Apple let out the update this would allow more time to jailbreak before Apple could fix exploits.

Apple release iOS 6.1 on Monday and this fixed several issues, one of which was bug in the kernel that had been found by Mark Dowd, from Azimuth Security. Patches have dealt with issues such as Wi-Fi and the Webkit browser layout in Safari.

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