iPhone 5 iOS 6 Untethered Jailbreak Almost Ready

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The Chronic Dev Team have some great news for fans of Apple and the iPhone 5, as well as other iOS 6 running devices awaiting a possible untethered jailbreak solution.

iPhone 5 & iOS 6 untethered jailbeak just weeks off

According to AppleCritics, a Tweet from P0sixninja says he has found “BootROM and decryption keys for A5/A5X/A6/A6X”. Following this he Tweeted that it was a starting point to coming across a new bootrom exploit, which would make user land jailbreaks 1000% easier. He then went on to say that despite the fact that he has been working alone on this, he has come this far. He went on to say that all that is left to do now is find a few more addresses.

When the iOS 6 untethered jailbreak is released it will be the biggest one to have ever been released for iPhones. It is also thought that the jailbreak would work for the iPad Mini.

The untethered jailbreak would be released for all of the devices and this would include the iPhone 5, 4S, 4, 3GS, iPod Touch 5, 4 and the iPad 3,2. AC points out that we might have to wait just a couple more weeks to see the jailbreak go public.

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