Real iPhone 5 iOS 6 Untethered Jailbreak Ready, Saved For iOS 6.1 Release

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Fans of the untethered jailbreak for the Apple iPhone 5 and iOS 6 are still waiting for jailbreak to be released and there have been plenty of twist and turns to the story along the way. The jailbreak is taking longer to come out as Apple have tightened the security with iOS 6, but all hope is not lost as Planetbeing, a famed iOS hacker, has spoken out and he says that it is now just a matter of time before the untethered jailbreak is released.

Existence of iPhone 5 iOS 6 untethered jailbreak confirmed by famed iOS hacker

Along the way there have been many hoaxes and scams relating to the untethered jailbreak. There was talk that the jailbreak was on hold until Apple released iOS 6.1. P0d2g was confident of a jailbreak, while i0n1c said that the protection of Apple was tough.

P0d2g has spoken many times through Twitter about the lack of the untethered jailbreak for the Apple iPhone 5, he asked for an open iOS. On Reddit there has been a thread about revelations from Planetbeing and he responded to recent Tweets of p0d2g on Twitter.

At the moment you should take anything you read about the untethered jailbreak with a pinch of salt as there are hoaxes and scams around. If you want reliable information then stick with the Chronic Dev Team and iPhone Dev Team and developers such as @Musclenerd, @Planetbeing and @p0d2g.

The news from Planetbeing has gone a long way to dispel the doom and gloom that has been surrounding the untethered jailbreak. He has stated that he has the untethered jailbreak working on the Apple iPhone 5 with iOS 6 right now. The hacker has pointed out that the untethered jailbreak hasn’t been released yet as it would mean that the exploit would be burned out and jailbreakers wish to save this and they don’t wish to sacrifice the progress that has been made as iOS 6.1 will be released very soon.

The hacker did say that jailbreaking is now harder and it will continue to be this way. However reports of jailbreaking being impossible have been greatly exaggerated.

Planetbeing has given Apple iPhone 5 owners a glimmer of hope.

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