At Last, iPhone 5 Compatible Untethered iOS 6 Jailbreak Comes About

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iOS 6 and iPhone users have some good news – there’s a video that shows an iPhone 4S using Cydia, which suggests that devs have managed an iOS 6 jailbreak. It also means that other devices with the newer chip architecture like the iPhone 5 might be in line for a solution at last.

iPhone 4S runs Cydia, shows iOS 6 jailbreak in action

@Mr_DunH1ll posted the vid on Twitter to show how the iOS 6 jailbreak works on the iPhone 4S. He said that it does have some glitches, and added that these wrinkles will have to be smoothed out before public release. The strengthened Apple security is to blame, it’s thought.

@Mr_DunH1ll founded the ARB Dev Team, also known as the Arab Dev Team, which works on iOS 6 and OSX. This is a new team, but this hacker’s Twitter feed does seem to show an iPad running a jailbroken version of iOS 6.

ARB claims that its jailbreak works with A6 chip-running devices like the iPhone 5 too. Of course there have been a few iOS 6 jailbreak hoaxes touted about, but there are no obvious signs of fraud with this one.

Other devs are getting closer to an iOS 6 jailbreak too. Chronic Dev for one says that lots of factors are missing and need to be found before the jailbreak goes public. If ARB has got a solution, it’ll need help from other teams to get the untethered iOS 6 jailbreak out even quicker to A6 chip devices so here’s hoping these developers work together eventually.

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