iPhone 5 Is Hot, Now Time For iOS To Stop Looking Ugly!

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The senior vice president of Apple iOS software, Scott Forstall will be saying goodbye to Apple. His role in the company will diminish straight away and he will leave some time in 2013. When he did will be taken over by Jony Ive. Jony Ive of course is in charge of exterior design and can be thanked for the gorgeous looks of the iPhone 5.

Jony Ive to take on iOS, could it eventually look as classy as the iPhone 5?

One of the responsibilities was the user interface design and when he departs for good this could mean that there may be some drastic changes to how iOS looks. This may be a great time to start letting go of your leather look virtual calendar and legal note pad app, as changes may be a coming.

Forstall wasn’t the most popular member of the Apple team and executives never got along with him quite as well as they did with Ive. Many wouldn’t have meetings with him unless Tim Cook was also taking part in that meeting to mediate.

Forstall was also in charge of one of the biggest Apple flops of all time, Apple maps. The app has been nothing but a fiasco from its release on iOS 6, and Tim Cook had to issue an apology for it. Apple maps proved that not all products “just work.”

Possibly the shake-up in executives will show better unification between the software and the hardware teams, as Ive will be in charge of both of these. So for now we will just have to see what effects the changes will have on Apple and iOS. One thing is for sure and that is that is can’t be any worse. iOS is beginning to look very outdated in terms of design and the recent mix of blue and silver overtones makes it look behind the likes of Android’s Holo UI and WP8’s Metro Tiles. Here’s hoping some of that iPhone 5 style is injected into the UI as well.

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