How iOS 6 Looks On The Large iPhone 5 Screen [PICS]

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While there has been rumors going around about the iPhone 5 sporting a larger display and how Apple’s latest iOS 6 might look on that display, there really hasn’t been any evidence of what Apple would do with the extra real estate. Now thanks to an iOS simulator which was tweaked to support a resolution of 1136 x 640, which is what is expected on the iPhone 5, we can see how iOS looks on the new screen size.

What would iOS 6 look like on the iPhone 5?

As you are able to see from the pictures below, a lot of the content has been optimized to make good use of the taller display and they scale up very nicely indeed on the iPhone 5. The platform manages to make good use of the space and it shows more content on the display. It looks like folders are able to have additional apps within them and all of the Apple apps adjust automatically to fill the layout.

One of the big questions is what about the older apps? At the moment it is unclear as to whether these apps will be able to scale to fit the new resolution of the device, or if developers will have to work at it to make them. For legacy apps it looks as though there may be some issues with black letterboxing, however this may not be so when the operating system is released with the iPhone 5, as Apple will want to avoid such an issue.

iOS 6 on iPhone 5

iOS 6 on iPhone 5

Are you excited for the impending release of the iPhone 5? Or do you plan on hanging on with your current version and looking forward to enjoying the goodies iOS 6 will have to offer?


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