iPhone 5 Dragged Through The Mud Thanks To Single Mistake

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The iPhone 5 seems to be a massive success, with pre-orders selling out in record time and now long lines forming outside stores as customer wait to get their hands on an iPhone 5. However despite all this, Apple has been left with egg on their face thanks to a single mistake on their part – the highly touted new map app that comes preloaded in the iPhone 5 and also available for other iOS devices when they update to iOS 6. The map app is Apple’s own software, with the help of Tom-tom, and replaces Google maps.

Apple Maps app disappoints iPhone 5 & iOS 6 users

The new app has been trending on Twitter for all the wrong reasons. This is due to maps that omit details, panoramic views that show airport runways with wrinkles, collapse bridges and cityscapes that stretch and yaw in the “inception” style. Oh and of course navigation directions that are pointing the wrong way. Apart for this it works perfectly. Gizmodo have nicknamed the app the apocalyptic horror show.

However Apple being Apple is not letting this get them down, despite being ridiculed over one of the new 200 features that they highlighted when launching the device. A spokeswoman said that Apple was excited to offer this service with many innovations including flyover, turn by turn and Siri integration. She went on to say that the app is cloud based and so the more people that use it, the better the app will become. She also said that Apple was working to ensure that customer experience was even better.

If you try out this new feature of Apple’s and see that the Williamsburg Bridge in New York looks as though it’s been hit by an earthquake, don’t panic. It is still standing; it’s just Apple maps that makes it look shaky.

With the iPhone brand a popular choice among smartphone buyers because of its reliability and the famous tag line “it just works”,  Apple maps is a surprising wreck.

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