iPhone iOS 6 Jailbreak Success, Finally!

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There may be good news for anyone with an iPhone 4 who has iOS 6 as a video has been posted which shows the iPhone 4S running Cydia. This could mean that developers have finally developed a jailbreak for iOS 6 and that the iPhone 5 may soon follow suit.

iPhone 4S shows off iOS 6 jailbreak with Cydia

@Mr_DunH1ll on Twitter, revealed the video as working proof of the iOS 6 jailbreak on the iPhone 4S. He said that it worked but they were still problems that needed fixing before he felt confident about a public release. However he didn’t say just what those problems were. It is thought that the teams are having problems with the enhanced security that Apple included in the OS.

The video seems to show the iPhone 4S working with iOS 6 and Cydia and this would indicate that the device has been jailbroken. The hacker is the founder of the ARB Dev Team, which is the Arab Dev Team for iOS 6 and OSX. This happens to be the first time that this group has been heard of. The Twitter feed also shows a photo of the iPad jailbreak for iOS 6.

The group claim that the jailbreak is for tethered devices which run on the A6 processor, which means it would work on the iPhone 5.

Of course this wouldn’t be the first time that someone has claimed to have the iOS 6 jailbreak. However this one doesn’t have clear signs of it being fake, as the others did.

Developers are closer to the jailbreak for iOS 6 than they were at the demonstration in September, however the Chronic Dev Team said that there are some critical missing pieces that are needed for the release.

If the Arab Dev Team do have the jailbreak then you can expect well known hackers to work with them to bring the public release of the jailbreak for iOS 6 even closer.

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