iPhone iOS 6 Jailbreak & Unlock Tools Finally Available For Users

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Apple may have tried their best to get jailbreaking outlawed in the past and upon failing they made sure that the new iOS 6 came with a higher level of security. This in turn made jailbreaking allowed but almost impossible.

iPhone  iOS 6 jailbreak & unlock dev tools released to public

However for those who want to jailbreak their device AppleUnlocker have just released a couple of jailbreak and unlock tools for devices with iOS 6.

Jailbreaking solutions have most of the developers stymied at the moment. Since September there have been many jailbreaks on offer when hackers found exploits. However at the moment no untethered jailbreak for iOS 6 has been released to the public for the iPhone.

One hacker, P0d2g said that the untethered jailbreak should happen within six months. However if patience is not your thing then some exploits are available. HotHardware have said that AppleUnlocker are offering unlock tools and iOS 6 jailbreaks. These are what hackers have used in the past, which means that they might not be perfect as was Absinthe and RedSn0w, or any of the jailbreaks which have been released to the public. Instead they are the various dev tools that have helped with tethered jailbreaks or unlocks of these models. Check out the screenshot below to see your options.

iOS 6 jailbreak & unlock dev tools available to public

iOS 6 jailbreak & unlock dev tools available to public

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