iPhone 5: Forget iOS 6 Jailbreak, You Can Already Run Non-App Store Apps On iPhone

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The iPhone 5 iOS 6 untethered jailbreak has yet to come by and this has many Apple fans frustrated. Some have even decided to not upgrade from their current iPhone to the latest model until there is confirmation of this.

Forget iPhone 5 iOS 6 untethered jailbreak, non-App Store apps accessibly via other means too

So why is the iPhone 5 jailbreak so important? Basically it gives you access to installing apps not found in the official App Store as well as other modifications which can only be done if you have root access. Hence the jailbreak.

Well it now seems that there are already ways to install apps from outside of the App Store on your iPhone 5 without an iOS 6 jailbreak. There are new services that have recently come to light that let the iPhone 5 bypass Apple DRM and allow you to install pirated iOS apps without a jailbreak.

The two most popular services that are compatible with the iPhone 5 are Zeusmos and Kuaiyong. While the latter is free, the former comes with a small price tag for non-jailbroken devices like those running iOS 6.

Now do take note that these are quite similar to Installous which recently shut down. So if you were looking to jailbreak your iPhone 5 for this very reason, these two services are an alternative option which will let you keep your iPhone 5 locked down and under warranty while still having access to apps outside of the official App Store. Given that these two services do contain pirated apps as well, we are going to refrain from linking to them. So use them at your own discretion.

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