iOS 6 Reveals 5 More Features In iPhone 5 (Rumor)

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We all know what to basically expect when Apple releases their latest iOS, version 6. Apple showed off the new features of the OS earlier this year, but now there are plenty of rumors going around about unannounced changes to some of these features. Here are some of the changes that are rumored.

iPhone 5 may get 5 more new features thanks to new tweaks to iOS 6 (rumor)

MacRumors have said that Apple will include a toggle in their iOS that will allow users to set their handset to switch automatically between using cellular data and Wi-Fi. This could be a welcome feature if it appears as then you can launch the web browser regardless of whether you have Wi-Fi connection or not.

Sharing by Bluetooth is another rumor that has been floating around and which was first reported by This of course is not new technology, it has been around on phones for years and finally Apple may have relaxed their privacy settings to allow users of the iPhone 5 and past models getting iOS 6 to enjoy data sharing via Bluetooth. has also said that there will be five rows on the home screen on the new iPhone 5 with iOS 6. There have been plenty of rumors going around about the new iPhone 5 being taller with a 1136 x 640 resolution. This would make it perfect for watching movies in the 16:9 ratio. It also means that the screen would be able to show five icon rows instead of the four.

Apple might have done away with the need to sign in with your Apple ID if the app you are downloading is free. This does away with an annoying feature of the App Store, the same would apply when updating apps you have already got on your iPhone. You will however still have to sign in for paid apps.

MacRumours have also said that there will be a button on the interface of Passbook that will give you direct access to the App Store. This could suggest that Apple are going to include a section for apps that comes with integration for Passbook in the iTunes app store.

With the release date for iOS6 coming ever closer, along with the September rumored release date for the iPhone 5, we won’t have long to wait to find out just what is included in iOS  6. The good news for owners of current iPhone models is that you too will be getting these new iOS 6 tweaks, although it is unclear if you will be getting all of them like the iPhone 5 should.


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