iPhone: 5 Hidden Features In iOS 6 You May Have Missed

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The release of iOS 6 brings more than 200 new features and although Apple told us of many of these, there were some that they omitted to talk about and aren’t exactly as prominent on your iPhone at first glance. We’ve been lucky enough to get our iPhone 5 and since then stumbled upon some “hidden” iOS 6 features. These features of course should be present on all iOS 6 devices so if you’ve got an older iOS device but have received the update, be on the look out for the below.

5 iOS 6 features we’ve stumbled across on the iPhone 5

iPhone users tend to use their handset as their alarm clock and now the alarm clock feature of iOS 6 has been updated. You now have more choice than just the ringtones on the phone to wake up to. Now you can use any song in the music library. You can even record an alarm message yourself.

Siri comes in even more useful with iOS 6, as it has gotten a lot smarter. You can now launch apps with it. All you have to do is say the word “launch” followed by the app that you want Siri to open. For example you can say “launch chrome” and Chrome will open.

People are having lots of problems with iOS 6 maps and are not happy about the change. One of the main problems is that it doesn’t give directions for those who are walking. However you can still get walking directions if you tap the bent arrow and choose directions, you will find your recent destinations. Here you are able to toggle between driving, walking and using public transport.

Gmail: Now you are able to choose whether you want to delete, archive or cancel the message on the fly. All you have to do is tap and hold the archive button when reading a message and you are able to make the choice. The downside is that the message must be opened first.

Do you get notified of iMessages from people you don’t know? If so you can change the settings so that you only get alerted when someone you know sends you an iMessage. This is a great idea if you get a lot of spam messages from bots.

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