iOS 6 Features Doing More Harm Than Good For iPhone Users

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Apple have made a big deal over iOS 6 and the iPhone 5, however things have not gone as smooth as they thought and it seems as though their OS is actually in a bit of a mess claims PhoneReviews.

iOS 6 maybe doing more harm than good for iPhone users

Apple have seen issues arising from their maps software, iMessage and Passbook and it seems that many problems are due to tighter social media integration claims the UK tech blog. For Apple it could be a case of trying to do too much too soon, especially when it comes to the Apple maps. This feature of iOS 6 may be almost acceptable in the US, however it’s a different story in the UK, with it being almost impossible to use.

A politician in the UK has gone as far as calling Apple maps dangerously misleading. This was due to the fact that a farm of 35 acres was labelled as an airport. There have been users in the US complaining about the flyover mode of the maps. Reports have said that the Statue of Liberty on the map has been flattened and some of the cities on the map look as though they have come out of a I Am Legend. Skyscrapers have been labelled as being gas stations, and there are many spelling errors and labels that are wrong.

Additionally, tighter social media integration is causing problems with postings on Facebook and Twitter and is only working when they want to. Siri is also said to have slowed down when it comes to giving feedback.

iMessage is unstable and users have become frustrated with it since they put iOS 6 on their device. Passbook would of course have been better had the iPhone 5 had NFC. Apple should have kept Google Maps until they knew that their Apple maps were working properly (there’s no arguing that the maps app should have been labeled as beta).

Do you have any other issues with iOS 6 on your iPhone 5 or for that matter any iPhone that has received the update?

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