iPhone: 5 iOS 6 Features You Didn’t Know Existed

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Apple has released iOS 6 and it packed well over 200 new features. Here are 5 of those features that Apple didn’t highlight when they revealed iOS 6 and which you may likely not yet have discovered yet.

iPhone: 5 iOS 6 features you may not have noticed

Alarm: Many owners of the iPhone use their device for waking up to in the morning. However in the past you were stuck with the certain ringtones. Now you can choose any song that is in your library and wake up to this in the morning.

Siri has got even more impressive in iOS 6 and can now launch any app that you want to open. All you have to do is activate Siri and then say the word “Launch” and the app you want to open and Siri will open it for you.

There is now a pull to refresh feature on iOS 6 and this hasn’t come a moment too soon. You can now pull down if you want to refresh your email account and other data. So now forget about the reload button as all you have to do is swipe.

Advertisers can track you by your iPhone, but with iOS 6 you can now limit this. You can turn off tracking just by sliding to “Limit ad tracking” switch. You can find it in Settings – General – About – Advertising.

Finally you can now just choose to get message alerts from contacts. If you don’t want an iMessage alert from someone unknown then head into the settings on your device and then notifications and messages and choose who you want to get alerts from. iOS 6 now has a spam message bot for your iOS device.

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