iPhone: 5 iOS 6 Features You May Not Know About

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Apple have bragged about their latest OS, iOS 6 having more than 200 new features. The OS is on the iPhone 5 and strangely, those with older devices could download and install the new operating system before the iPhone 5 was sold. And yes, the iPhone 5 has no exclusive features from iOS 6 to call its own.

Now if you have the iPhone 5 or have upgraded your current device to the new OS,  you might not have found out all its features. Here are 5 that you may have overlooked.

iPhone: 5 lesser known iOS 6 features

The Safari web browser now has a bigger interface, regardless of whether you have the new iPhone 5 or not. When you go into landscape mode and tap on the button at the far right in the menu bar at the bottom, the URL and the toolbar will go away, leaving you with more viewing space.

If you want to return to a website that you visited earlier in the day, you can, thanks to the browsing history. You can see this if you press and hold for a second on the back button in the web browser.

You can now read webpages offline thanks to the share button on Safari. You can find this on the bottom menu, it is the middle button. You can choose different options here such as send text and post to FaceBook. You can also click “Add to reading list” and you can then read that page even when you do not have connection to the internet.

Copying a URL has never been easier and comes in handy for sending the link by test or email. Use the share button, described above, to copy.

Updating apps is easier with iOS 6 as now you don’t have to keep retyping your password. The device will remember the password that you used when you purchased the app and use it.

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