iPhone Users Now Avoiding iOS 6 Update

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Around two thirds of Apple fans who can get the free update to iOS 6, called the most advanced OS by Apple, have decided not to bother with it, at least for now that is reports FoxNews.

2/3 of Apple users reportedly avoiding iOS 6 update

This is astonishing as Apple fans are usually eager to adopt the latest that Apple throws their way. Around 100 million have chosen to make the upgrade to the latest iOS 6, said iGizmos, however analysts have said that out of 173 million users of the iPhone, 85 million iPad owners and 25 million owners of iPod Touch could upgrade, this is a total of 283 million. The numbers reveal that 183 million have yet to take Apple’s offer of upgrading to iOS 6.

Of course the OS has received a lot of bad publicity, particularly Apple maps. While Apple have said that it is the best mapping app in the world, users don’t think so, and Tim Cook was forced to make an apology and promised there would be improvements.

There has even been a thread of 28 pages on the message board at Apple for downgrading iOS 6 to iOS5. It seems that some users, who upgraded, now want to go back to the previous version of the OS. Maclife have given tips on how these individuals can go back.

While there has been upset over iOS 6, many are willing to hang in there and live with the quirky bugs, hoping that Apple will have fixes very soon. Of course, those who have an iPhone 5 don’t have much choice.

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