iPhone 5 & iOS 6: 3 Best Alternatives To Apple Maps

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While there was a great deal of anticipation surrounding iOS 6, performance wise there has been some flaws. Apple maps for instance, is not what everyone hoped that it would be.

Luckily there are some alternatives out there for anyone who is missing Google maps. The basic ones are free, but if you want voice prompts, traffic data and to be able to download maps, then you will have to pay. Here are the top 3 iPhone navigation apps:

Alternative to iOS 6 Apple maps: best iphone navigation apps

Waze is an app that is completely free of charge and not surprisingly it has been very popular. The app was initially designed for people to warn others of traffic conditions. Now it has evolved into a full blown map app and it has voice prompts. Maps are updated by users and are very accurate. The app also warns of speed traps and tells users the price of gas. However there is a drawback, maps cannot be downloaded. Therefore you need to have a data connection.

CoPilot GPS has been around since 1979 and maps are stored on the device. The app is free to download and maps for the US and Canada are available. While you can use basic route guidance free of charge, if you want to take full advantage of navigation, you will need to pay an upgrade fee of $20. This adds in features such as voice prompts and recalculation of routes. The app is great at helping you to find destinations thanks to a decent library of points of interest.

Scout is a navigation service that has been around for 10 years and is free to download. In-app purchase upgrades are available for just $10 per year and this gives you voice prompts and the ability to download maps to your device. There is route guidance which also comes with traffic conditions and this app was one of the best in tests. As the maps can be downloaded you do not need a data connection, however they only cover the Telenav area in the US.

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