iPhone 5 Will Have You Wake Up Smiling [New Feature]

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It won’t be long until you can wake up to the sound of your favourite tunes when Apple release their iPhone 5 with iOS 6 on it reports AppleInsider. Among the many new 200 features on the iPhone there is an update to the alarm clock app.

iPhone 5 & iOS 6 to introduce custom songs for your alarm

This feature has not been mentioned very much but it was originally included in the first betas of the operating system which was released in June of this year. It is set to become one of the most used features of the new iOS.

In a recent study which was undertaken last year by YouGov found that 60% of all the users of handsets aged 16 to 34 use their phones as their main way of telling the time. Around 25% of users asked said that they use their handsets as their alarm clock in the morning to wake them up.

iOS 5 is restrictive when it comes to the sounds for the alarm. Users have to choose from the pre-defined ringtones that Apple include or sounds purchased in the Apple Store. With the release of iOS 6 users will be able to choose whatever song they choose that they happen to have in their iTunes playlist.

When you get your hands on the OS and the new iPhone 5 you will be able to head to the sound selector and then set a new alarm and choose what song you want to play from iTunes. This will be available on other Apple devices including the iPad when iOS 6 is released in September.

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