iPhone 5: Features It Needs To Beat Android But Won’t Get

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The Apple iPhone 5 rumored release date is just a few weeks away and there have been many rumors going around about the anticipated device. There have been leaks, speculations and videos of the housing of the new device and as such it is thought that the new handset will have a 4-inch display, be 7.6 mm thick, have 1GB of RAM and have support for 4G LTE.

What iPhone 5 & iOS 6 needs to trump Google’s fast paced Android platform

Apple has also updated their operating system to iOS 6 and it comes with around 200 new features. This means that the new device should be a superb handset, but it may still need certain things if it is to beat the Android handsets on the market explains BGR. The blog has prepared an extensive list of peeves it has with Apple’s iOS products and expects the iPhone 5 and iOS 6 to follow suit. We’ve highlighted a couple that we feel the same about as well:

Widgets are something that are needed on iOS 6 and the iPhone 5 as at the moment you have to open notifications to find out about the weather or go into settings to toggle Bluetooth.

Location and time based actions are something that are needed. While iOS 6 has the Do Not Disturb feature, more functionality is needed.

A better email client is needed as right now it leaves a great deal to be desired.

While iOS 6 does see improvements in notifications it seems that Apple continually play catch up to Android.

A bigger display is needed on the iPhone 5, rumor has it that it will be 4 inches with pixels of 1136×640. While this would be great in 2010, we are seeing “small Androids” coming in at 4.3-inches while the 4.5 to 4.8-inches are the “new big”.

Apple needs to take a look at users being able to share data between apps as right now they limit 3rd parties interaction with iOS.

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