Revealing Secrets In Official iPhone 5 Invitation

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Apple will be revealing their iPhone 5 on the 12th September and they have sent out invites for the event already. Just as Apple is known for the design of their products, the same applies to their invitations sent out to press. So what does the invite for the event of 12th Sept tell us about the iPhone 5?

Revealing secrets in iPhone 5 invite

The invitation sent out was very sparse. It featured a number “12” with the wording “It’s almost here”, and that’s about it. One thing that keen eyed people noticed was that the invitation did not tell us the name of the device; instead the next generation iPhone was simply called “it”

However some are saying that the handset will be called the iPhone 5 and others say that it will be simply called the “New iPhone”. One eagle eyed person noticed that the shadow of the number “12” on the invitation actually looks like the number “5” due to the angle of the shadow, so could this be a big clue to the name? However this could relate to the number of announcements that Apple will make at the event. These could include the iPhone, iOS 6, dock connector, hardware accessories or maybe the iPad Mini?

Other invitations have given some clues as to what Apple may introduce, however this year they are keeping very low key. For now all we can do is wait for the 12th to find out what all the fuss has been about and whether it was worth waiting for.

iPhone 5 event invitation

iPhone 5 event invitation

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