iPhone: 5 Hidden Gems In iOS 6 You Likely Missed

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Apple gave us 200 new features with iOS 6 when it was rolled out alongside the iPhone 5. The company told us about most – but not all – of them, and so some may have slipped under the radar so far. Here are some iOS 6 features that you might not have seen yet.

iPhone: 5 iOS 6 features you could’ve missed

People who like to use their iPhone as an alarm clock will be pleased to find out that they can customise the alarm sound – you used to have to use the ready ringtones, but now you can use music, or even your own voice!

Apple Maps hasn’t been a great success, and the fact that it’s ousted Google Maps is annoying. There are, however, some good aspects to Apple Maps (honest). Walking directions is one – tap the bent arrow on your screen then choose “directions”. This will bring up all the places you’ve visited recently, and you can choose between driving, walking and public transport guides.

If you love Siri, you’ll be delighted to find it has more abilities. It can open any app you like – you only have to say “Launch (name of app)” and it’s done.

Gmail users will love the improvements. You can delete, cancel or archive messages on the move. Tap and hold the archive button on an open message and choose your desired option. You do need to have the message open, though.

If you’re getting notifications from strangers in iMessages, you can stop this. Go to Settings and choose to be alerted only by your current contacts. This is a spam-stopper.

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