iPhone 5: Can’t Wait Anymore To Hold One In Your Hands? Try This

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If you cannot wait for the rumored launch of the iPhone 5 on 12th September any longer you might be interested to hear about the “device” which was seen at the IFA trade booth of an accessory maker earlier this week.

$8 fake iPhone 5 handsets selling like hotcakes in China

Now before you jump for joy after seeing the picture below, you should take note that it is not actually the iPhone 5 but a mockup. There are many signs that it is a fake, such as the phone using the iPhone 3GS model number. Often accessory manufacturers in China go through leaks and then put together a prototype which allows them to have add-on products ready for when the iPhone launches.

The fake iPhone 5 can be purchased from China for just $8 reports BusinessInsider, so if you cannot wait much longer to hold one in your hands and are tired off the numerous leaks enticing you further,  you might want to buy this fake iPhone 5 to show off to your mates.

Dummy iPhone 5

Dummy iPhone 5

The new iPhone 5 is thought to come with a four inch display and it should be longer than current iPhones on the market. One feature that is said to have changed is the dock connector, which has overwhelmed many as this means existing accessories m ay not work.

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