Samsung Derails Exclusive iPhone 5 Hands-On By Intercepting Device Before It Arrives On ‘Conan’

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The bods on late night talk shows just can’t get enough geeky tech nowadays. It’s almost like they’re desperate for attention and laughs online seeing as they’re not getting much of a TV audience.

Conan’s iPhone 5 hands-on segment derailed by Samsung (humor)

Firstly, Conan O’ Brien got in on the act to help Amazon launch its $5 Kindle Fire, then Jimmy Kimmel managed to dupe Angelenos into thinking that the iPhone 4S was the new iPhone 5.

Conan is now striking back with exclusive video footage of their hapless intern who has been sent to get an iPhone 5 that’s specially for the show for an exclusive hands-on. So what’s the video about?

We see poor little Colton schlepping back to the studios with his wee Apple bag swinging by his side. Then he’s set upon by mysterious assailants and bundled into the back of a black van.

Who are these people? There’s a Samsung logo on their van, which is a bit of a clue. But where are they going, and what do they plan to do?

Are we about to see a new, narrower, blockier Galaxy S4? The Galaxy S5? The thing about the tech world is that it’s not just populated by beardy geeks – there are also some dodgy MiB types always ready for a bit of cut and thrust ha!

And speaking of villains and highway robbery – take a look at Apple’s new connector.
Want your accessories to work? $29 if you please.

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