Google Maps Not Waiting For App Store Entry After All

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Google are not awaiting entry into the App Store for the Google Maps app for the iPhone 5 after Apple chose to leave them out and put their own map app in the new operating system reports Reuters.

Google Maps app not waiting at App Store gates after all

Apple chose to go with their own map app when they launched iOS 6 and the new iPhone 5. However users have made complaints about the new map app of Apple, which is said to have geographical errors, along with lacking some of the features which made Google maps so popular on the iPhone.

The Executive Chairman for Google said that they thought it would have been better had Apple kept their map app. He went on to say that Google couldn’t force them to change their minds as it was of course their call. He did day that Google and Apple were in communication on all kinds of levels, however the decision on Google maps being accepted by Apple for their app store would come down to Apple. He also said that at the moment Google hadn’t done anything.

Apple and Google have been close since the iPhone was introduced in 2007 and had Google maps and YouTube installed. However strains have grown between the two companies. Schmidt said that he hoped that Apple would keep Google as their search partner; however this he said was again down to the choice of Apple.

Google offers the Android platform free of charge and they allow developers to add applications to the Play store. However they make their money by selling advertising and providing search functions.

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