Google Maps Goes Underwater, Apple Still Lost On Freeway

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Google have announced a new feature to their Google Maps which must make Apple feel sick to the stomach considering the problems they are having with Apple maps which they recently revealed in iOS 6 when the iPhone 5 launched.

Google Maps does underwater navigation now, iPhone 5 & iOS 6 still plagued with poor navigation from Apple Maps

The new feature shows underwater panorama shots taken of coral reefs in Australia, the Philippines and Hawaii at this tme. The Google Maps photos were taken with the help of a scientific project by Catlin Seaview Survey who is committed to studying coral reefs.

Apple Maps of course is nowhere near to mapping anything under the ocean and still have their hands full with what’s above ground. In addition to its 3D maps making planet Earth look like it just went through an apocalypse, it is missing key features that are needed for it be even called anything pass a beta app. In particular, many users have complained that while Apple Maps can locate freeways, it doesn’t know a lot about the exist.

In addition to problems with roads, it has issues with buildings as well. There have been reports that it incorrectly lists hospitals and even airports, two very dangerous things when you think about it. So it seems that Google Maps now take you above and below the ocean, while Apple on the other hand have just sunk to the bottom.

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