iPhone 5 Won’t Support Google Maps App, Apple Fans Get Caught In Crossfires Of Apple-Google War?

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As we near closer to WWDC 2012, more iPhone 5 speculations begin to get thrown about. The latest involves the iPhone’s biggest rival, Google who owns Android.

iPhone 5 to lose Google Maps app?

According to the folks over at iMore, Apple has plans to drop support for Google Map with the iPhone 5. In its place, they will employ a more stripped down version of Google’s popular free navigation app. By stripped down we mean that it won’t have access to Google’s search data, that nifty little extra that populates all the data around what is otherwise a bland map. However Apple aims to spruce things up by throwing in 3D mapping visuals and other Apple touches. Whether this will be enough to compensate for the lack of information about surrounding establishments in your searched area will remain to be seen.

The big question here however is, if these rumors do come to fruition then exactly why is Apple going through the trouble of removing Google’s search data from the maps if it is infact very useful to have (the iPhone as we know doesn’t even feature free turn-by-turn navigation). AndroidCentral believes they have the answer:

“Apple wants to shed Google’s services. Not because users have a problem using them, but because they don’t want Google to profit. Instead of offering an additional choice with their own version of a maps app, they are just going to replace what users know and love with something that generates less profit for Google. Smart business move, but a pretty foul dump on the users.”

Not the nicest way of putting it but clear enough we think. Nevertheless, as with all rumors we suggest taking this one with a grain of salt.


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