[ALERT] Google Maps For iPhone 5 Now Available But Act Fast!

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There is no getting around the fact that Apple maps is bad. The complaints about the app are many and so much so that Tim Cook had to say sorry for the app and all those who bought and iPhone 5 or upgraded their current devices to iOS 6. He did tell us about some alternatives, however you either have to pay for them or they are not as good as the Google maps app.

Google Maps client available for iPhone 5 & iOS 6 devices now!

This has not stopped developers from working and the folks over at PocketNow stumbled across a great Google maps client that has the name of Classic Map and looks the same as maps on iOS 6, but it is powered by Google maps. The downside is that it comes without streetview as this is version 1.0. For now this is an easy, not to mention, free solution to the horror Apple have bestowed on consumers with their Apple maps.

So don’t wait any longer and download the app of the iTunes App Store immediately. We doubt it is going to hang around for too much longer.

Update: Sigh. PN reports that Apple seems to have noticed similarities between the app and their maps app and have took it down. However if you already downloaded it you can continue to use it, but whatever you do, do not delete it by mistake.

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