Google Maps For iPhone 5 With Turn-By-Turn Navigation In Testing

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There is good news for fans of iOS 6 and the iPhone 5 as Google are said to be finishing the Google Maps app for iOS 6 devices reports LA Times. A source who wants to remain unnamed has said that Google is currently testing the Google Maps app for iOS 6 with third parties.

Google Maps app for iOS 6 & iPhone 5 tipped

When the app will be submitted for approval is not known at the moment. However this is great news following the fiasco with Apple maps, for those who have missed Google’s mapping software.

Before iOS 6, Google Maps was included on devices like the iPhone. However it didn’t have turn by turn navigation. Apple then chose to say goodbye to the app and had their own map app, which turned out to be very buggy.

Tim Cook did make an apology for the software. He said that Apple had fallen short of their commitment to customers and they were doing their best to make the app better. He said that owners of the iPhone 5 might want to use apps such as MapQuest or head over to the Google Maps website and use that.

If we do see Google Maps back on iOS 6, it will have turn by turn navigation built, so something good will come out of this after all.

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