New Google Maps For iPhone: 5 Things You Didn’t Know It Did

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While the iPhone 5 was perfect, it still drew a lot of heat because the new OS that it was release with, iOS 6, saw the banishing of the popular Google Maps app. In its place was the not-yet-ready Apple maps.

Thankfully Google Maps is now readily available in the App Store and during the first 48 hours of its launch we saw over 10 million iPhone users gobble it up. Now if you’re one of them then you will love to know about some awesome features Google has included with the Maps app for the iPhone. In fact, I find it better than the Android version now personally. So here are 5 things you may not know the iPhone Google Maps app was capable of.

iPhone: 5 Google Maps features you may not know about

Quick Home or Work: Once you’ve set home and work it can be accessed at any time. It will in fact pop up whenever you begin a search via the Google Maps app. You can also get to them on your iPhone quickly by via the main app search bar.

Siri for Google Maps: While Siri loves Apple Maps, you can get her to use Google Maps. The bypass is simple enough. Just ask for directions and add “via transit” and it will let you use Google Maps instead.

One-finger zoom: Sometime when driving or even walking, some of your digits may be busy. You can in fact just double tap your thumb where you want to zoom and then hold your thumb on the iPhone screen. Pushing up zooms in, down is out.

List search: When you search for a location it puts out red pointers across the map. However if you prefer a list view instead of a visual one then it is possible. After you search, just touch the icon that looks like a couple of bullet points, this brings up the list view.

Train schedules: Lastly for those iPhone users who use public transport, you can tap the red arrows over the train stations to pull up train times directly on Google Maps.

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