Apple’s Deep Hatred For Android Takes Toll On iPhone 5

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If you are stuck in traffic and own the iPhone you have the upper hand. All you need to do is tap on Google maps and turn on traffic setting and you can see a thick red line where the hold-up is occurring and streets void of the line, to make your escape on. However if you upgrade your iPhone  to the latest iOS 6 or you get the iPhone 5, don’t expect Google Maps to save you, as it is no longer there.

iPhone 5 users stuck with unusable Apple Maps

This is due to the falling out of Google and Apple, and Apple’s decision to abandon Google Maps and instead have their own map app. Apple’s map app is so unreliable that we wouldn’t even classify it as beta. If anything it is an alpha.

While it isn’t like Apple to do anything half-assed, it appears that anger could have been the reason behind Apple dumping Google Maps so early. Given that Google earns huge revenue from advertising that is part of Google Maps and Search, Apple may have been expecting Google to make a killing when the iPhone 5 launched and the device landed in user’s hands (half of Google’s map revenue comes from iOS users). So to stop this, Apple may have jumped the gun and included Apple Maps in before it could be polished.

So what can iPhone 5 users do until Apple get its Maps app on better standing? If you head into settings you can turn on location services and then head over to Here you will see an icon for sharing and you can add this directly onto the home screen of your iPhone 5. This means that even though you don’t have Google maps installed, you can return to Google maps in the browser, whenever you want.

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