iPhone 5 Not Alone In Dumping Google Maps, Some Androids Too

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Apple are not the only ones waving goodbye to Google Maps in favour of using technology of their own. It seems that Amazon have chosen to do the same with the release of the upcoming version of the Kindle Fire 2 reports CultOfMac, which has been a surprise to some people with it being an Android device.

Amazon Kindle Fire 2 to join iPhone 5 in leaving Google Maps app behind?

Apple decided to use map tech of their own in their next generation iPhone 5 and iOS 6, but Amazon have different plans and will be using technology from Nokia. The new version of the Kindle Fire 2 will come with location based services. However at the moment it is unsure whether these will be through Wi-Fi or whether it will have GPS.

Amazon has sold out of the original Kindle Fire in time for the event next week where they are expected to be launching their latest model. The device was very successful on the run up to the holiday season last year and then sales dropped, however Amazon are still controlling a large part of the tablet market.

The Kindle Fire 2 is an Android device but Amazon did create their own user experience and tied in their music, video, apps and eBooks. Nokia meanwhile are one of the best around the world for mapping and navigation and it is thought that both companies will benefit from the partnership.

The new Kindle Fire 2 will have a 7 inch screen and there are rumors of a larger version coming out too which would compete with the Apple iPad. Apple meanwhile is thought to be releasing a Mini version of their iPad which would compete with the Kindle Fire 7 inch and the Nexus 7 tablet from Google.

As for the iPhone 5 and iOS 6, it is expected to launch sometime this month.

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