Google Did What Apple Couldn’t, Made iPhone 5 Perfect

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Google have just helped Apple to make iPhone 5 one of the best devices in the world thanks to releasing new versions of their Google Maps app for iOS. The biggest complaint regarding the iPhone 5 was its accompanying iOS 6 which brought about Apple Maps. This made the iPhone 5 a punching bag to its rivals as it was the only iPhone that couldn’t avoid having iOS 6.

Google Maps & iPhone 5

Now that Google has brought Maps back to the iPhone 5, there is one question that is running through the minds of Android fans and the public in general. Why did Googe want to help its biggest rival?

What it all comes down to is advertising. Android is of course incidental to the ad business of Google, which happens to be the source of Google profits. Google doesn’t really care which OS you use when looking at their ads, it just wants you to use Google. Google does however put money into Android and this is to make sure that companies, including Apple and Microsoft, cannot push properties off smartphones.

Being able to understand the strategy of Google is very important as Apple and Google are now careful when it comes to how they ship software and host it.

Joel Spolsky from Stack Overflow said that Google doesn’t make money from Android as it is open source. Instead they make their money through people using their services. The purpose of Android is creating competition in handsets so as to reduce the prices.

Google Maps is a great place to sell ads thanks to map apps knowing what you are looking for and where you are. At the moment Google Maps for iOS 6 is free from ads, however it will not remain that way for too long. The version on Android for instance comes with ads.

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