Best Buy Sale: iPhone 5 Free From December 26th

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If you thought that the iPhone 5 couldn’t get any cheaper after many retailers in the US through the device in their bargain bin, think again.

Best Buy Boxing Day Sale: iPhone 5 free on contract

The iPhone 5 can right now be had for as low as $126 via retailers like Walmart and Fry’s. However over in Canada where Boxing Day is a sale as big as Black Friday is here in the US, you can grab the iPhone 5 free with a typical 3-year contract plan via Canadian carriers.

The iPhone 5 Boxing Day Sale is courtesy of Best Buy and kicks off on December 26 i.e. tomorrow. Not only is it available online via their website but also Best Buy’s FutureShop locations.

In addition to the iPhone 5, you can also find savings on all MacBooks Pro and MacBook Air models, and also the iPad 4. No word on exactly what the deal is with these other Apple products but we’re sure that if the iPhone 5 can go for free, these will feature some good deals as well.

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