iPhone 5: Its Biggest Feature Is A Killer

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There are many rumors going around about what the iPhone 5 will feature and we don’t have long to wait now with the launch of the device being on the 12th September. One of the biggest features of the iPhone 5, literally, is the screen of course. Rumors suggest that it will be 4 inches and have an aspect of 16:9 and it will make use of in-cell technology.

iPhone 5 features: screen rumors roundup

When the iPhone 4 was revealed in 2012 Apple had boosted the pixel density of the display to 640 x 960, up from 320 x 480, while the ratio remained the same at 3:2. Should the rumors be true about the updated screen to the iPhone 5 it will be the first time that the handset has changed when it comes to physical size and the aspect ratio.

Since large screens are the in thing it seems that Apple may be onto a winner and the iPhone 5 may be more popular than ever. It is thought that the iPhone will have a larger screen with a reduction of the bezel at the bottom and top as this would fall in line with Apple wanting to make their handset “distraction free” claims iMore.

The in-cell technology on the new handset will make the device thinner as the two layers will be abandoned and a single layer used which would make the handset 0.5mm thinner than previous models. All in all the next generation iPhone 5 screen looks to be one of the biggest upgrades on the device and is desperately needed given its rivals.

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