iPhone 5 Features You Didn’t Know You Had [FN]

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Fox News thinks that the iPhone 5 has a lot more features than it actually has. A video has been posted showing a Fox News reporter talking to fans queuing up outside an Apple store in Manhattan.

Fox News reveals iPhone 5 features we never knew existed

The reporter then goes on the say that the iPhone 5 is sleeker, comes with a laser keyboard, holographic images and many more new cools features. Apparently you can also get the Apple iPhone 5 for just $200!

It seems that the reporter has been listening to all the rumors about the new iPhone 5 and has gotten confused. The first person in line for the iPhone 5 had been queuing for days before the release of the handset on Friday. He said that the iPhone 5 was the most amazing and best product to have been released from Apple.

While the iPhone 5 has seen some changes from previous models, it does not have the laser keyboard that Fox news seems to think it has, nor does it have holographic images and it will certainly cost you more than $200 unless you plan on getting it on contract and letting the carriers bleed you dry over a 2 year span.

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