Apple Explains iPhone 5 Shortcomings & Why It’s OK

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The new iPhone from Apple, the iPhone 5, is receiving a lot of bad publicity for being predictable and for some it is a disappointment points out BGR. Comments have ranged from why the iPhone 5 doesn’t have a larger display to why it hasn’t got NFC. So AllThingsD put these questions to Apple’s Phil Schiller.

Apple explains why iPhone 5 is missing some features

Schiller said that in relation to NFC it is not clear whether it is a solution to any current problem. Passbook is everything that people need. However maybe the people at Apple should have asked Google just how well their Wallet app is doing, before making this statement. Oh wait, the answer would have to be not as well as they had hoped.

The reason behind lack of wireless charging was that pads still have to be plugged into an outlet and so this is not much of convenience over attaching your charging cord to the handset or sitting it in a dock.

So there you have it, but what do you think? Would you still liked to have had the option of charging wirelessly and what about NFC, would you have used it?

Unfortunately AllThingsD didn’t ask Apple why they chose the iPhone 5 to have a 4-inch screen and also how come it couldn’t do voice plus data over LTE like most other Android devices.

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