iPhone 5: Five Features That Are Confirmed Included

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When Apple announce iOS 6 at the WWDC they said that it came with more than 200 new features. While these 200 features may not make their way to all iOS devices (some older devices may not be compatible with each and every one of the features), the iPhone 5 will of course get them all, hence why it will be launching alongside the OS. Here are 6 of the most significant iOS 6 features which you can be rest assured will be coming to the iPhone 5:

Five iPhone 5 features to look forward to

Apple Maps have been included in iOS 6 and throws Google maps off the iPhone 5. This was evident when Apple took over C3 who are the 3D mapping firm.

One thing that users wanted to see updated was Facebook integration and Apple have not disappointed as they have taken notice and updated this for a better user experience.

Siri has also received an update to 2.0 within iOS 6 which has pleased many, although some say that the voice could have been improved on more. Nevertheless it will be a key feature of the iPhone 5 that will no doubt receive a lot of publicity when the iPhone 5 ads begin rolling out.

Do Not Disturb is another improvement for iOS 6 and it works very well at switching off notifications so that users are not disturbed at certain times of the day

A sensible feature to be included in iOS 6 is for important mail. This means that you can tag certain emails as being important so that you never miss them when they come in. We’ve seen the somewhat disappointing Gmail integration in the iPhone which falls short of the Android version. This will certainly help.

The iPhone 5 release date is rumored to fall on September 12, with it landing in stores on the 21st. The latest iPhone is expected to come with iOS 6 pre-installed.

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