Latest iOS 6 Build Exposes 2 More iPhone 5 Features

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The new iPhone 5 will have a larger screen than any other iPhone and it seems that this is all but confirmed with reports by leaked iPhone parts. However recently it was found that iOS 6 is scalable and it fits a display of 1136 x 640, hence further confirming the taller screen rumors.

iPhone 5 features revealed courtesy of iOS 6

9to5mac conducted some tests with iOS 5.1 and iOS 6. The 5.1 showed the home screen with four rows of icons stretched out, while iOS 6 had five complete rows of icons. This is proof that the release of iOS 6 which should come preloaded onto the new iPhone 5 will support the taller resolution and 5-row dock.

9to5mac was the first to say that Apple was indeed testing the iPhone 5 with a larger display of 3.95 inches at 640 x 1136 resolutions back in May. This means that the handset will be taller, with the phone being the same width as models out now. The new iPhone 5 is also rumored to have a new design and faster processor and it should have LTE compatibility.

It is thought that Apple is getting ready to reveal their new device at a media event which takes place of 12th September. As for the official release date, the same rumors suggest 21st September. We’ll keep you posted more develops.


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