iPhone: 5 Features In iOS 6 You Didn’t Know Existed

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Apple said that iOS 6 brings around 200 new features. Apple bragged about many of these, but there are many that they didn’t mention and which may not be easy to spot at first. We have come across some iOS 6 features on the iPhone 5 worth highlighting that Apple didn’t mention in their keynote.

iPhone: 5 iOS 6 features you may not have noticed

If you use your iPhone 5 as your alarm clock there is good news with iOS 6 as you can choose the sound to wake up to too. You can now choose from more than just the ringtones on the handset, you can have any song that is in the music library. If you want you could record yourself telling yourself to wake up and have that as your alarm tone!

Siri has been updated with iOS 6 and is now smarter than ever as it can launch apps for you. Just say “Launch” followed by the app you want it to open. An example of this would be to say “Launch Chrome” and Siri will open Chrome for you.

Apple maps have not gone over very well on iOS 6 as it doesn’t have a lot of information. However that doesn’t mean it is bare. For instance you can get directions for walking if you tap on the bent arrow on the display and then chose “Directions”. Here you will find all of your recent destinations and you can also toggle between the modes, driving, public transport and walking.

Gmail has improved on iOS 6 as users can now choose to delete, archive or cancel messages on the go. Tap and hold down the archive button with a message open and you can choose. However the downside to this is that you need to have opened the message first.

If you are fed up of being notified about iMessages from people other than those you know, you can change things in the settings of the device to ensure that you are only alerted when you get a message from someone you know. This is an excellent option for those who suffer from spam from bots targeting their iPhone.

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