Say No To iPhone 5: 7 iOS 6 Features Which Improve 4S/4

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If you own the iPhone 4S and are happy with it, you might want to think twice about upgrading to the iPhone 5 just yet as you will be getting up to 200 new features that come with the new iOS 6 very soon. You will be able to update your iPhone 4S or iPhone 4 from Wednesday and iOS 6 has a whole bag of new tricks which may give your current iPhone a new lease on life.

You don’t need to upgrade to iPhone 5 to enjoy the new features that come with iOS 6

Here are seven iOS 6 features which we are sure iPhone 4S and 4 owners will enjoy:

If you don’t want to be disturbed at night you will love the Do not disturb feature that comes with the new OS. You can now choose to turn off sounds and make exceptions if you head into settings and notifications. A great feature of this is that should someone call twice within a period of three minutes, the phone will put them through to you.

Panorama is a feature that you will like if you take photos on your iPhone. You can choose it in options when in camera and then you can pan around to take a panoramic photo following arrows on screen. This is not an exclusive feature for the iPhone 5.

Sharing things with iOS 6 is even easier than ever. You can share in Facebook simply by choosing the Post to Facebook option or clicking the share button. Photos and videos can also be added to emails much easier than before.

The layout in the App store is more organized and when you search for an app you get the results in the form of a card. You can swipe between results and you can get information about developers and reviews along with screen shots too.

iOS 6 comes with Apple’s own maps and this now offers turn by turn directions. All you have to do for hands free directions is put in the destination and pick a route. Once you start the directions will be announced. Once again the maps technology isn’t just optimized for the iPhone 5 hardware, it can work on your current iPhone.

Siri has been updated and it can open your apps and do more. You can compose a message on Facebook without having to type.

iOS 6 also brings FaceTime over cellular and Wi-Fi so you can always chat face to face without worrying about costs.

While the iPhone 5 does offer a larger display and LTE speeds, it may not be something everyone was waiting for. If you’re happy with your iPhone 4 or 4, let the iOS 6 update come rolling in before you decide to stand in the Apple line outside stores.

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