iOS 6 Reveals 3 Things iPhone 5 Still Can’t Do

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Of course the iPhone isn’t perfect – no phone is. There is, however, a selection of minor features that haven’t been included in iOS 6, it seems. Some of these features would make the iPhone 5 that little bit nearer to perfect, and here they are.

3 things we wished iOS 6 would bring to iPhone 5

Power-Saving Mode: If you’ve used the Motorola DROID RAZR with its Smart Saver features you’ll know what I mean exactly. Yes you can do to get more battery life from your iPhone when you need it to make calls rather than sing and dance. However, all these steps and tweaks can be time consuming and tedious – but they don’t need to be. The iPhone 5 should be able to do this automatically based on the time of day, your location and what exactly you are doing so your background processes don’t unnecessarily consume battery life.

Keeping an eye on all the apps and what they’re doing is a job in itself, so a single button to turn to low power mode without having to do anything to your apps would be a great thing. You know, just so your iPhone 5 is only a phone for accepting phone calls and text messages in the event your battery is almost tapped out.

Burst-mode: Unless you have predictive split-second timing, a burst mode feature will certainly help you get the most of the awesome camera that is expected to come with the iPhone 5. Having simultaneous video and picture taking is also a plus given that you sometimes don’t know what’s going to happen. As we saw with the Samsung Galaxy S3 that has both of these features and uses the same camera sensor found in the iPhone 4S, the picture quality is almost identical but the moments you can capture remain unmatched.

iTunes: As much as I like iTunes after using it since the first iPhone, it may be time for Apple to stop having users depend on it. As is the case with Android smartphones that don’t require additional software on their desktops for backups, syncing and updates, the iPhone 5 should follow this part and break away from the shackles of needing a specific iTunes account linked to a PC or laptop in order to carry out these common tasks.

Can you think of other major features the iPhone 5 could do with that unfortunately hasn’t been mentioned for iOS 6? Send us your comments.

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