iPhone 5 Users Discovering Many “Unadvertised Features”

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Millions of excited Apple fans took possession of their brand new iPhone 5 and were surprised to find “features” with the phone that Apple had failed to mention when they launched the device.

iPhone 5: what Apple didn’t tell you about their new iPhone

Those who bought the iPhone 5 with Verizon found out that their unlocked handset could also work on the network of AT&T. Users could swap SIM cards and use the phone on the AT&T network and this was something that Apple have been very strict about with past iPhones. Of course the majority of iPhone 5 users do agree to a two year contract with their iPhone, however when the two years have gone by, they can use the handset with AT&T if they wish.

Another discovery wasn’t such a good thing as people started reporting that the back of their iPhone 5, which is made of aluminum, scratches very easily. There have been multiple reports of users having their handsets arrive pre-scratched. Photos of scuffs and scratched have been posted on Twitter and Facebook, which has led to the nickname of Scuffgate. Apple customer services said that they have received a lot of complaints about the issue and even Apple has publicly stated that this is “normal”.

Software problems have been another downside to the iPhone 5, including Apple Maps which has replaced Google maps. The app has shown towns that have been misplaced along with other errors geographically. It directs people to hospitals that closed down 30 years ago, labels farms as airports, and makes most of the world’s landmarks look like they went through the apocalypse.

At the moment it appears that Apple is under the microscope and it is hard to work out how their going to get out of it. The iPhone 5 has sold very well since its release and even with problems being reported, it continues to do so.

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