iPhone 5 & Its Hidden Feature That’ll Be Music To Your Ears

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The Apple iPhone 5 is set to have a longer and larger display, a design that is thinner, bigger battery, smaller SIM and a new connector, along with an extra surprise. Analysts are saying that it will be the best thing since sliced bread and that it will be huge over the Christmas period in sales.

iPhone 5 features: music streaming app coming?

It is thought that Apple wants to sell around 50 million handsets during Q4 and around 28 million of these are predicted to be the latest generation iPhone 5. Expectations for the new device are very high thanks to rumors and leaks which have spread over the net like a wildfire. While numerous suggestions have been made as what the new iPhone 5 may have, everyone is hanging on for an extra surprise. Two years ago this came about in the shape of the Retina display and last year it was Siri.

Apple will want to come up with something that sets them apart from everyone else with the new device. TheGuardian reports that analysts are predicting that it may be some type of music streaming that Apple will pull out of the hat at the event. Such an app would be in competition with the likes of Pandora and Spotify. Others believe that Apple may have included NFC into the design of the next generation iPhone 5. Apple of course has not made any comment on how they plan to surprise people this year. Perhaps the big surprise will be that there is no surprise?

The iPhone 5 will sell well no matter whether it comes with a big surprise or not. Fans will just want to upgrade their handsets to the latest and greatest model while newcomers will be able to rely on Apple’s good brand name.

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