Can iPhone 5 End Up Being A Stinker? Yes & Here’s How

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One of the most waited for devices will be launched today, the iPhone 5. But will the new device be the best ever phone in the history of smartphone launches, or could it disappoint? While it is hard for Apple’s best product, the iPhone, to completely fail, it can certainly fall short. Here’s how Apple could go wrong with the iPhone 5.

iPhone 5: How Apple could disappoint fans

If the iPhone 5 is not going to come with the expected 4 inch screen then Apple could disappoint many as the current trend is towards larger displays. If Apple wants to ensure that they take the title of having the most wanted handset then they will have to launch something that is very different from what they have right now i.e it shouldn’t look anything like the iPhone 4S. If rumours are true the iPhone 5 will be longer but it will be the same width. The extra room means another row of icons for apps and a better viewing experience.

Fans could be let down if the iPhone 5 is released without support for 4G LTE. 4G is said to be the future of smartphones and almost all new devices that are released support the network. In fact, many networks have begun to focus on LTE and cut back on improving their 3G infrastructure.

Battery life should be better on the iPhone 5 as all handsets released today give impressive talk time thanks to large batteries.

So there you have it: a bigger screen, 4G speeds and improved battery life. Is that too much to ask from Apple for the iPhone 5? We’ll find out very soon.

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