3 Basic Phone Features The iPhone 5 Will Likely Skip On, Again

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Tension is mounting as the world waits for Wednesday when Apple will reveal their next generation iPhone 5. Fans of the device have been hoping for certain hardware updates to the device and here are the most wanted. However you shouldn’t expect to see them when the iPhone 5  is revealed given this just wouldn’t be “Apple”.

iPhone 5 features that are expected but unlikely

Many fans were hoping that Apple would include a MicroUSB connector on the next iPhone 5. However if rumors are true Apple has indeed changed the dock connector but it seems they have only made it smaller. Therefore you will not get the Micro USB connection but will get the peripheral for it if you live in Europe.

A replaceable battery has been on the wish list of fans of the iPhone for a long time. However these types of batteries need to have a regular shape and they need more packing around the battery and the battery compartment which makes the device larger and more complex. This is something that Apple has steered clear of with the iPhone and you should not expect to see it on the latest iPhone 5.

Support for SD card is another thing fans would like to see as the iPhone can play HD recordings and these take up a lot of space. Sadly it is thought that once again the iPhone 5 will lack support for SD card.

While not hardware, if Apple have changed the shape of the iPhone 5 then everyone buying the device will have to go out and get a new case, as your existing one will not fit. Manufacturers such as Nokia launched their device with a case provided in the packaging but don’t expect Apple to do the same. If the iPhone 5 is taller, make sure you save some cash to get a case for it (as well as an adapter so your current iPhone accessories can work with the new dock connector).

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