Dummy iPhone 5 Smarter Than It Looks, Reveals Several Features

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The rumors about the iPhone 5 are well and truly floating around and the latest is a leaked video that shows a dummy iPhone 5 having a larger screen of around 4 inches. This is in fact a mold that is reportedly being used by accessories manufacturers to begin production of accessories of the iPhone 5 and have them ready in time for the launch of the device.

Dummy iPhone 5 says a lot

The video of the dummy iPhone 5 also shows that the screen of the phone is longer than on previous models and the camera has been moved to the middle of the device. The width of the handset is said to be smaller too.

Last week the device’s front panel was shown in high quality pictures and these were said to have come from a distributor in China. One photo showed the assembled front panel from the font and this was stood at the side of the equivalent part of an iPhone 4S. This was to show just how Apple had been able to minimize the increase of the height of the handset by shrinking down the margins of the top and bottom to make the impact of the taller screen subtle.

Dummy iPhone 5

Dummy iPhone 5

It was rumored that the iPhone 5 would have support for NFC but this is in doubt due to the thinness of the device and the fact that metal may have been used on the back of the iPhone 5. According to the folks over at BusinessInsider, these dummy iPhone 5 molds can be purchased in China for as low as $8 right now.

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