iPhone 5 More Secure Than 4S, Even Android?

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There’s speculations spreading that the iPhone 5 may have fingerprint recognition technology. Fingerprint security of course is widely used because of its accuracy and reliability.

iPhone 5 may feature fingerprint security

Apple could be raising the bar with their latest iPhone 5 in the world of security if the rumors and leaks provide to be true. The rumors came around following Apple’s acquisition of a fingerprint security based firm called AuthenTec, who will be behind providing security for those who use the Passbook feature of iOS 6.

Passbook stores financial information for users and fingerprint technology will provide peace of mind that the data is secure. Of course this is just a rumor at the moment and we will have to wait another month before the announcement of the iPhone 5 is expected to happen to find out if it pans out.

The iPhone 4S relies on a passcode system for security and there are holes in it that could be exploited if left at the default setting of the phone. Siri for instance can evade your locked handset with just a command. This means that text messages along with e-mails and appointment on calendars can be altered just by using Siri, which means anyone can get around the password feature of the iPhone 4S. To ensure this doesn’t happen users can change the settings for password lock and turn Siri off.

Recent studies suggest that many users of the iPhone do not take security seriously and 15% of users choose 1 out of 10 generic passcodes for their phones. While the iPhone 4S is said to be the best iPhone ever and it does do things better than the previous model, it doesn’t do things that are a lot different. CNET said that they hoped Apple would improve the next generation iPhone radically and now everyone is hoping that when Apple unveils the iPhone 5 it will be a vast improvement on other iPhones. Android for instance has jumped from Pattern Unlock to Face Unlock. They have since continued to improve on the accuracy of it.

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